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Self Regulation Inventory

A.   Comment on how you addressed the weaknesses you identified and/or how you overcame challenges in regards to achieving success this semester thus far 

I believe I have used my time well and have only taken minimal time off when necessary (I.e. my wisdom teeth surgery and on days where I am extremely exhausted). I have accomplished more than I expected! 

B.   Reassess the 30 true/false statements for the Self Regulation Inventory.  Compare your current ratio to your initial one.

 I am aware of my intellectual strengths and weaknesses. True

I am able to know what kind of information is most important to learn.  True

I am good at organizing information.  True

I know what the teacher expects me to learn.  True

I am good at remembering information.  True

I have control over how well I learn.  True

I am a good judge of how well I understand something.  True

I learn more when I am interested in the topic.  True

I try to use strategies or learning techniques that have worked for me in the past.  True

I am aware of the methods that I am using when I study.  True

 I use different learning strategies depending on the situation.  True

I use my intellectual strengths to compensate for my weaknesses.  True

I know when each strategy I use will be most effective.  True

I slow down when I encounter important information. True

I draw pictures, diagrams and take notes to help me understand while learning. True

I try to translate new information into my own words. True

I ask myself if what I’m reading is related to what I already know. True

I try to break studying down into smaller steps.  True

I ask myself periodically if I am meeting my goals.  True

I consider several alternatives to a problem before I answer.  False

I find myself analyzing the usefulness of strategies while I study.  True

 I ask myself questions about how well I am doing while learning something new. True

I ask others for help when I don’t understand something.  True

I am persistent when working on a challenging problem.  True

I re-evaluate my assumptions when I get confused.  True

I stop and reread or re-view material when I get confused.  True

I know how well I did once I finish a test.  False

I ask myself if there was an easier way to do things after I finish a task.  True

I ask myself how well I accomplish my goals once I’m finished.  True

I ask myself if I learned as much as I could have once I finish a task. True


WAS 25:5 IS NOW 28:2

C.   Will you approach the process differently for the second half of the semester?  If so, how?

I think that at the beginning of this year my technique required a lot of work. Now that I have gotten past some big hurdles, I hope to spend some time this semester doing some fun things (playing with other musicians in the block, improv., or just having some fun with phrasing). Once auditions are over, this will become more prevalent. 

D.  How has your thinking about your thinking(metacognition)changed?

I am more aware of how my attitude affects my playing/progress. When I get frustrated/agitated I tend to do worse. I have improved at being alone with my thoughts and controlling them while I practice. 

E.  Comment on the outcome of these self assessments as it relates to the quality of your work flow thus far

I think I have been doing really well and that applied has been a huge help. My playing just keeps improving and having an hour a day set aside to practice is amazing. I think my self assessments are very accurate to the average day I am in applied; I head on up to the dead fly room, lay out what I want to accomplish that day, and then get to work. 

F.  What has been your greatest strength?

I have been soaking up information like a sponge every time I have a lesson anywhere and I catch myself thinking about their notes/suggestions all the time when I practice.

G.  How can you compensate for weaknesses?

I need to increase the duration in which I can sit down and focus on one thing; I tend to get fidgety. 

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Benchmark Goals

A. What were your intended results?

I wanted to ingrain set practice schedules/routines into my daily life, as well as improve consistency with my tone.

B.  What were your actual results?

While my tone has most certainly been improving, it still needs work. Only two weeks ago did I find out I have been placing my tongue in the wrong place this whole time! Also, while most days practicing is natural, on those days I have big tests or a lot of homework I need to get better at scheduling out a chunk of time (to clarify, I usually wait until its late and I'm tired and then not much gets done on these days). 

C.  What caused your results?

Practice, practice, lesson, practice, video, reading, practice. I have been taking in constant Information and getting a lot of notes about my tone and it is whooping me into shape. The scheduling aspect was caused by 1) willpower and 2) me taking applied (so on most days I have an early chunk of time where I am awake, but unfortunately applied is not every day). 

D.  What will you do the same next time?

Practice, practice, practice! And lessons, I want more lessons. 

E.  What will you do differently?

I want to try practicing during flex more. 


  • Briefly review the work you have submitted for the first half of the semester

A.  Comment on the quality of work reflected in your Canvas ePortfolio relating to areas of strengths as well as areas of needed improvement

I haven't really submitted much, but I think it was very clear and detailed. I take notes all the time (on lessons, on my own practicing, on videos, etc.) and that is a major strength of mine. A weakness, as I said before, is my ability to sit down and focus on one thing for a long time. While my notes are amazing and helpful, it can be so tiring for me to try and sit down and work through them to try and improve. 

B.  Will you continue to sculpt the work reflected in your Canvas ePortfolio as you did for the first half of the course or do you plan on making changes for the second part of the semester?

I like the way I've been doing things! I want to make another project about all of my auditions (and I cannot WAIT to learn from the MSU professor). 


  • Please help us sculpt the next phase of the course by providing feedback, suggestions, etc. related to Unit Content, Adjunct Staff, Wix, ePortfolio, On-Campus, Workflow, etc.

  • This has been incredibly straightforwards with the perfect amount of freedom. My only issue is that Canvas likes to glitch, but that isn't something that can be solved. 
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